Notes on Membership and Retention

How do other organizations retain and recruit members?

Why is recruiting new members important?

What are some best practices in recruiting new members?

How do we encourage “prospects” to join an organization?

What are the best ways, methods, channels, to acquire new members?

Marketing Message:

Identify the audience. ‘Who might be interested in joining’ an organization and ‘how do I reach them?’ should be the first questions in any new member campaign. 

Unique Selling Proposition (USP): “Why should I join this organization?” The USP answers that question and is the big benefit that a group can deliver compared to other groups. 

Why Join Now?: How can you get prospects to commit and not dither? Using a limited-time, introductory dues discount or similar offer at a psychological price point continues to work (7 or 9 price point). 

Call to Action: Join now, fill out survey, respond to an invitation, get a certificate are all ways to add a call to action and achieve a response (“I need to RSVP.”)


What do comrades need to have/know to be an effective recruiter?

What resources can I give comrades so the can be more effective recruiters?

What training can I organize to better prepare them to recruit?

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