Can a post commander fire a post quartermaster?

No; however, the post commander can work to get a post quartermaster removed.

Here’s how.

According to Sec. 220 of the VFW Bylaws (amended July 19, 2022), “Elected officers or elected committee members may be removed for just cause by the Post or the Department Commander as prescribed in Section 220 of the Manual of Procedure” (16).

So, what is “just cause” and what does Section 220 say?

Section 220 of the Manual of Procedure says, “Removal – Post. A Post may, upon motion duly passed at any meeting, propose the removal of an officer or committee member at the next regular or special meeting” (77).

Additionally… “The Post, at the next regular or special meeting, may by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present and voting declare vacant the position of any elected officer or elected chairman or committee member who may have: 1. Absented themselves from two (2) consecutive meetings or who has; 2. Failed to fulfill the duties of office specified in Section 218 of the Bylaws and Manual of Procedure” (77).

There are notification requirements and a clause for the Department Commander to “remove any Post officer for cause who fails to fulfill their duties of office as required by Section 218.”

So, what are the duties of a Post Quartermaster that must be fulfilled? 

(5) Quartermaster. Among the duties of a Post Quartermaster, the Quartermaster shall: 

a. Qualify and secure a bond in a sum at least equal to the amount of the liquid assets for which the Quartermaster may be accountable in accordance with Section 703. 

b. Collect all monies due the Post, giving receipt therefore, and have charge of the funds, securities and other property of the Post, all of which shall be placed in their care. The Quartermaster shall be the accountable officer of the Post and the Treasurer of all committees handling funds. 

c. Disburse funds as properly authorized by the Post using accepted banking practices. Unless otherwise provided for in Post Bylaws, all disbursements of Post funds shall bear the signature of the Quartermaster or other person(s) authorized by the Quartermaster. Such other authorized person(s) shall be bonded with an indemnity company as surety in a sum at least equal to the amount of the liquid assets for which the Quartermaster may be accountable in accordance with Section 703. 

d. Receive annual membership dues (admission fees if applicable) and life membership fees and forward the Department and National dues and life membership fees immediately to National Headquarters as prescribed in Section 104. 

e. Provide the Post Trustees with all records, files and statements required or necessary for the preparation of the Post Trustees Quarterly Report of Audit.

f. Reconcile and verify all transactions listed on all bank statements to assure the accuracy of Post records. The books and records of the Quartermaster shall be maintained in a legible and uniform format. Record keeping by electronic means may be used, provided a back-up is maintained. Books and records shall be available for inspection by authorized officers and Post members at all reasonable times. Unless specifically authorized by the Post to remove such books and records from its facilities, they will be kept at the Post facilities. 

g. Provide access and transfer to their successor in office or anyone designated by higher authority, without delay, all books, records, papers, monies, securities and other property of the Post in their possession or under their control. 

h. Comply with, and perform all duties required of the Quartermaster by the laws and usages of this organization, applicable Bylaws and orders from lawful authority and perform such other duties as are incident to such office. 

i. Report on transactions concerning receipts and expenditures, for any given period, at a regular or special meeting of the Post. 

j. File appropriate forms as required by Federal, State and Local Statutes or regulations (75).

Wait, the Post Trustees prepare the Post Trustees Quarterly Report of Audit?


According to the VFW 2021-2022 Quartermaster’s Guide:

Regular audits and controls on the individual are presumed to be part of the agreement. Experience reveals that defalcation occurs when the Trustees do not conduct regular audits and do not take the precaution of obtaining an occasional monthly statement direct from the bank or fail to verify the books against the records. The Post Quartermaster should not prepare the quarterly audit for the Trustees because it could result in a contested claim on the grounds that the audits were not conducted by the Trustees. To protect the Post, the Trustees must play an active part in the auditing procedure (9).

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