VFW Post Adjutant

Job Description & Process Documentation

OVERVIEW: “Comrade Adjutant, it shall be your duty to serve as the official corresponding officer of the Post.”

RESPONSIBILITIES: Official corresponding officer for the Post. This includes: member applications, minutes, orders and circulars, a correspondence file, and officer proof of eligibility file.


  1. Sec. 215–Eligibility to Office: All members shall be eligible to hold any office in the Post provided that proof of eligibility has been submitted and verified by the Post Commander and Adjutant prior to the installation.
  2. MEMBER APPLICATIONS: The post adjutant or quartermaster is given filled out application cards and dues and they give a receipt to the applicant (63). The original application of every member will be retained on file with the Adjutant. The card is then reviewed by the Post Reviewing Committee. If application is accepted, quartermaster processes application on VFW.org. If rejected, quartermaster or adjutant returns card and any fees. [NOTE: Adjutant notifies new member of acceptance.]
  3. The Post Adjutant will give notice of special meetings.
  4. NOMINATIONS: A member making the nomination of an absentee for any office shall have presented to the Adjutant, in writing, the consent of the member being nominated prior to the opening of nominations.
  5. ELECTIONS: Poof of eligibility of post officers, elected and appointed, shall be reviewed by the Commander, Adjutant, and Quartermaster prior to installation to office (72).
  6. ANNUAL INSPECTION: Quartermaster, adjutant, and commander prepare post administrative and financial documents for annual post inspection by district inspector.


  1. Sec. 218 – Officers and Chairmen, Duties and Obligations.
    • (a) Officers.
    • (6) Adjutant. Among the duties of the Post Adjutant, the Adjutant shall:
      • a. Be the official corresponding officer for the Post and shall attest to all official communications and reports with their signature.
      • b. Under the direction of the Commander, prepare all reports and returns required of the Adjutant.
      • c. Maintain the books and records in a legible and uniform format. Record keeping by electronic means may be used, provided a back-up is maintained. Books and records shall be available for inspection by authorized officers and Post members at all reasonable times. Unless specifically authorized by the Post to remove such books and records from its facilities, they will be kept at the Post facilities.
      • d. The Post Adjutant shall maintain the following records:
        • 1. A copy of the original application of every member admitted to the Post.
        • 2. Minutes of each Post meeting after correction and approval.
        • 3. All current orders or circulars issued by the Commander-in-Chief, the National Council of Administration, the Department Commander, the District and/or County Council Commander (if applicable) and the Post Commander.
        • 4. A correspondence file.
        • 5. A file containing a copy of the proof of eligibility submitted by officers pursuant to Section 216.
      • e. Maintain a current copy of the Bylaws, Manual of Procedure and Ritual of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States and copies of the Bylaws of the Post, Department, District and County Council (if applicable).
      • f. Transfer to their successor, without delay, all books, papers, records, monies and other records and property of the Post in their possession or under their control.
      • g. Comply with and perform all duties required of the Adjutant by the laws and usages of this organization, applicable Bylaws and orders from lawful authority and perform such other duties as are incident to such office (75).

TYPICAL TIMELINES (new adjutant) [minutes, correspondence, membership processing, ongoing]:

  1. APR: VFW Post Election Report
  2. MAY: Outgoing adjutant verify incoming adjutant can access VFW.org, IRS, CT.gov, etc.
  3. JUN: Prepare for handoff. Change email redirects, etc. Update adjutant book.
  4. JUL: Handoff: IRS 990 filing; Connecticut incorporation (late July); minutes
  5. AUG: Review roster VFW.org; archive past-year’s paperwork into manilla envelope; minutes
  6. SEP: Update website; calendar; minutes
  7. OCT: minutes
  8. NOV: minutes; post inspection
  9. DEC: minutes
  10. JAN: minutes
  11. FEB: minutes
  12. MAR: minutes
  13. APR: VFW Post Election Report
  14. MAY: minutes
  15. JUN: minutes
  16. JUL: minutes

Process documentation is the act of capturing or documenting all of the steps in a particular task.

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