VFW Telephone: Google Voice To The Rescue

By Charles M. Pickett

The proposed post needed a phone number. There were several options:

  • use my existing cell phone number
  • purchase a land line
  • purchase a burner cell phone
  • use a voice mail service
  • denounce voice communications as so last century and expensive

However, Google Voice came to the rescue. It will assign you a phone number in the designated area code and forward calls to any phone. If you don’t pick up, it will send the call to voice mail and email you a poor quality dictation of the message. For Free.

In other words, the 203-443-1643 number rings to my cell phone. If I don’t pick up, the caller gets a prompt from “VFW New Haven” to leave a message. I can retrieve from my phone or on the Internet and call them back, or text them, from the number, for free.

In the future, when we have a quartermaster, I can change the cell phone on record to forward to her phone or whomevers. This is outstanding.

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