VFW Telephone: Google Voice To The Rescue OR NOT (Update)

By Charles M. Pickett

After eight years of having Google Voice, post leadership has decided to delete our post phone number on June 1, 2023.

Why? A simple audit of the volume of spam and types of phone calls recieved in the past year made it an easy decision. Most were spam, many were undesired solicitations, and the rest referenced emails.



The proposed post needed a phone number. There were several options:

  • use my existing cell phone number
  • purchase a land line
  • purchase a burner cell phone
  • use a voice mail service
  • denounce voice communications as so last century and expensive

However, Google Voice came to the rescue. It will assign you a phone number in the designated area code and forward calls to any phone. If you don’t pick up, it will send the call to voice mail and email you a poor quality dictation of the message. For Free.

In other words, the Google Voice number rings to my cell phone. If I don’t pick up, the caller gets a prompt from “VFW New Haven” to leave a message. I can retrieve from my phone or on the Internet and call them back, or text them, from the number, for free.

In the future, when we have a quartermaster, I can change the cell phone on record to forward to her phone or whomevers. This is outstanding.

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