Buddy Poppy Static Display Ideas

by Charles M. Pickett
Public Relations

A couple (ok, two) of people have asked why we don’t have a static Buddy Poppy display they can put on their counter? The Connecticut VFW department was good enough to donate Buddy Poppy Wreath Boards and I have a number of Buddy Poppy cans.

However, I think I could do better and have an integrated static Buddy Poppy display.

Perhaps the number one thing and the central facet for a static display is to have a secure and see-through collection box. Why, people can be manipulated to give based on what other humans are doing. That’s why a bartender at a catered event will stick in a couple of singles in her tip cup before customers arrive.

Looking at Staples, there are a number (5ish) of Suggestion & Ballot Boxes that can also hold a letter-sized flyer. There is a separate category for Literature & Sign Holders; however, the key feature is the acrylic locking collection box.

Additionally, there is no reason why the poppies can’t be stored in the literature holder on the front. Moreover, the “Story of the ‘Buddy Poppy’ Brochure” could be affixed to the front left of the signage in another pocket.

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