VFW Post Quartermaster

Job Description & Process Documentation

OVERVIEW: “Comrade Quartermaster, it will be your duty to take charge of and accurately account for the funds of this Post.”

RESPONSIBILITIES: All money, property or assets of any kind or nature, as well as all books and records, owned, held or used by any activity, clubroom, holding company or unit sponsored, conducted or operated by, for or in behalf of a Post, County Council, District or Department shall be the property of such Post, County Council, District or Department and must be placed in the care and custody of the respective Quartermaster (40).


  1. MEMBERSHIP STATUS: Commander instructs the Quartermaster to determine the status of members standing. Those who have not paid their current dues will be required to pay said dues or leave the meeting room. Quartermaster will report their findings to the Commander.
  2. MEMBER APPLICATIONS: The post adjutant or quartermaster is given filled out application cards and dues and they give a receipt to the applicant (63). The card is then reviewed by the Post Reviewing Committee. If application is accepted, quartermaster processes application on VFW.org. If rejected, quartermaster or adjutant returns card and any fees. [NOTE: Adjutant notifies new member of acceptance.]
  3. ELECTIONS: Poof of eligibility of post officers, elected and appointed, shall be reviewed by the Commander, Adjutant, and Quartermaster prior to installation to office (72).
  4. BOND: Assure that the office of Quartermaster is bonded according to Section 703 of the Bylaws (73).
  5. TRUSTEE REPORTS: Trustees should meet monthly to review the Monthly Report of Receipts and Expenditures of the Post Quartermaster. Within thirty (30) days from the end of each quarter, properly audit the books and records of the Post Quartermaster, Post Adjutant, and any activity, club room, holding company or unit sponsored, conducted or operated by, for or on behalf of the Post and submit a Post Trustee’s Report of Audit to the Department Quartermaster for referral to the Department Inspector.
  6. RELIEF FUND: Sec. 219 – Relief Fund. The Quartermaster of the Post will be the custodian of the relief fund and will expend monies there from, as directed by the Post, for the specific purposes only (76).
  7. MONTHLY REPORTS: Fill out the Quartermaster’s Detail of Receipts and Disbursements, Form No. 4208. Present the ending cash balance for previous month for information only. No vote required.
  8. QUARTERLY TRUSTEE’S REPORTS: Within thirty (30) days from the end of each quarter, present a signed quarterly Trustees’ Report of Audit (No. 4214) for adoption. [Are there any objections to the signed Trustees Report?] Quartermaster or adjutant emails scanned signed copy as PDF to Department Quartermaster.
  9. ANNUAL INSPECTION: Quartermaster, adjutant, and commander prepare post administrative and financial documents for annual post inspection by district inspector.


  1. Sec. 218 – Officers and Chairmen, Duties and Obligations.
    • (a) Officers.
    • (5) Quartermaster. Among the duties of a Post Quartermaster, the Quartermaster shall:
    • a. Qualify and secure a bond in a sum at least equal to the amount of the liquid assets for which the Quartermaster may be accountable in accordance with Section 703.
    • b. Collect all monies due the Post, giving receipt therefore, and have charge of the funds, securities and other property of the Post, all of which shall be placed in their care. The Quartermaster shall be the accountable officer of the Post and the Treasurer of all committees handling funds.
    • c. Disburse funds as properly authorized by the Post using accepted banking practices. Unless otherwise provided for in Post Bylaws, all disbursements of Post funds shall bear the signature of the Quartermaster or other person(s) authorized by the Quartermaster. Such other authorized person(s) shall be bonded with an indemnity company as surety in a sum at least equal to the amount of the liquid assets for which the Quartermaster may be accountable in accordance with Section 703.
    • d. Receive annual membership dues (admission fees if applicable) and life membership fees and forward the Department and National dues and life membership fees immediately to National Headquarters as prescribed in Section 104.
    • e. Provide the Post Trustees with all records, files and statements required or necessary for the preparation of the Post Trustees Quarterly Report of Audit.
    • f. Reconcile and verify all transactions listed on all bank statements to assure the accuracy of Post records. The books and records of the Quartermaster shall be maintained in a legible and uniform format. Record keeping by electronic means may be used, provided a back-up is maintained. Books and records shall be available for inspection by authorized officers and Post members at all reasonable times. Unless specifically authorized by the Post to remove such books and records from its facilities, they will be kept at the Post facilities.
    • g. Provide access and transfer to their successor in office or anyone designated by higher authority, without delay, all books, records, papers, monies, securities and other property of the Post in their possession or under their control.
    • h. Comply with, and perform all duties required of the Quartermaster by the laws and usages of this organization, applicable Bylaws and orders from lawful authority and perform such other duties as are incident to such office.
    • i. Report on transactions concerning receipts and expenditures, for any given period, at a regular or special meeting of the Post.
    • j. File appropriate forms as required by Federal, State and Local Statutes or regulations (74).

TYPICAL TIMELINES (new quartermaster) [deposits, bills, membership processing, ongoing]:

  1. APR: Adjutant files VFW Election report with new quartermaster information.
  2. MAY: Outgoing QM verify incoming quartermaster can access VFW.org, bank site, etc.
  3. JUN: Prepare for handoff: With minutes for verification, change name on bank signature card at bank.
  4. JUL: Handoff: 4208; 4214 Trustees; incorporation annual filing; IRS 990 filing;
  5. AUG: 4208, pay bond due
  6. SEP: 4208
  7. OCT: 4208, 4214 Trustees
  8. NOV: 4208, Post Inspection
  9. DEC: 4208
  10. JAN: 4208, 4214 Trustees
  11. FEB: 4208
  12. MAR: 4208
  13. APR: 4208, 4214 Trustees
  14. MAY: 4208
  15. JUN: 4208
  16. JUL: 4208, 4214 Trustees

Process documentation is the act of capturing or documenting all of the steps in a particular task.

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