Membership Application Processing

When starting a new post, just figuring out how to fill out a new membership application was enough of a challenge. However, we have a new problem–rapid growth! As we move from establishing a post and having one or two people fulfilling administrative duties, we need to distribute the burden, establish areas of responsibilities, educate our comrades in how to do their jobs, and respect those boundaries.

Here is the current workflow for new member applications:
1. Commander gets applications from members
2. Commander verifies applications
3. Commander brings applications to committee
4. Committee votes/verifies applications
5. Jr. Vice Commander presents applications to membership
6. The post votes on presented applications
7. Commander processes applications on

Here is how other posts do it:
1. Jr. Vice/Membership Committee Chair gets applications from members
2. Chair verifies applications
3. Chair brings applications to committee
4. Committee verifies/votes on applications
5. The post votes on presented applications
6. Quartermaster processes applications on

This is simplified for brevity. At any point, the application can go back to the submitting member to add, correct, or verify administrative or payment information. Also, members can submit to any member of the committee–but all applications are eventually funneled to the chair for consideration.

Should the quartermaster contact the member-elect about a declined credit card or unsigned personal check or should the application packet be returned to the membership chair for additions, corrections, or verifications?

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