2017 All-State vs. All-American Criteria

In an email to the Youth & Education Committee Chair, I compared the criteria for Connecticut All-State and All-American as found in the 2017-18 Membership Program PDFs.

All-American Leadership Criteria

 Recruit new and reinstated members equal to 5% of Prior Year Total [4.05]
 Greater than 50 members on July 1, 2018 [46 now]
 Membership greater than 100% [81+4.05= 85.05 > 86 members]
 Finish in the top 50 posts in your respective division [unknown variable]

 Voice of Democracy – minimum of one entry advanced to District Judging (Overseas Post donate $50 to National in lieu of entry)
  Patriots Pen – minimum of one entry advanced to District judging (Overseas Post donate $50 to National in lieu of entry)
 National Citizenship Education Teachers Award – one entry advanced to District judging (Overseas Post donate $50 to National in lieu of entry)

 Buddy Poppy- must purchase Buddy Poppies
 Hold a fundraiser with the proceeds going to National Veterans & Military Support Services, minimum of $50 
 National Veterans Service – Appoint a Post Service Officer

Posts completing the programs listed in the Department’s Monthly Activity Report:

COMMUNITY ACTIVITY (Y&EDU=Youth; CS=Community Service)
Other Youth Activities (CS)
Citizenship Education (CS)
Safety (CS)
Buddy Poppy (CS)
Hospital/Nursing Home (CS)
Americanism (CS)
Commander’s Special Project (CS)
Other Community Service (CS)

[NOT needed for All-State: Scout (CS); Teacher (Y&EDU)]

Bond (QM)
Certificate Liability (N/A-we don’t have a building)
District Meeting Attendance (Commander/Adjutant)
Inspection Report (Commander/Adjutant/QM)

June Audit (QM)
September Audit (QM)
December Audit (QM)
March Audit (QM)

100% membership as indicated in Membership Bulletin #1,

To be fully credited in the VOD Program and Youth Essay Program, the Post must have run a:
 VOD Program with a contestant tape or CD submitted to its District and
 Patriot’s Pen Program with an essay submitted to its District,
or make a cash contribution to its District and to Department Headquarters in the amount of at least  $25.00 for each of these programs for a total of $50.00 each to the District and Department.

**State still offers a buy-out. National doesn’t unless an overseas post.**

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