VFW New Haven Surpassess 100% Membership; Seeking 10 New Members in Spring

NEW HAVEN, CONN. (Feb. 11, 2021)–Despite the nearly year-long global pandemic, the VFW New Haven Post 12150 continues grow in members.

The VFW post was recognized for “having achieved the distinct honor” of exceeding membership goals and received a signed letter and streamer from VFW National Commander-in-Chief Harold “Hal” Roesch, II.

Post Commander Charles M. Pickett said the post has benefited from steady growth over the past few years, with a number of comrades electing to become Life Members. “The majority of Post-9/11 veterans will join our VFW post as an annual member the first year,” Pickett said, “but they largely become Life Members the year after, conveying their life-long commitment to their fellow veterans and because it’s a pretty good deal.”

Pickett said the post is looking to recruit at least 10 new veterans this spring, as the VFW New Haven is close to reaching All-American status again. The post has completed all mandatory programs and is about 10 new or reinstated members away from the minimum requirements.

Formed and chartered in 2015, the “new generation” VFW New Haven of predominantly Post-9/11 veterans does not have a permanent post home; however, it is already the largest VSO in Connecticut’s second biggest city and achieved All-American status in 2017. VFW New Haven is in the Second District in the Department of Connecticut of the national Veterans of Foreign Wars organization.

Meetings are the second Thursday at 7:10 p.m. at the Knights of St. Patrick (1533 State Street) or on Zoom during the pandemic. The best way to reach the VFW New Haven is to email (veterans AT vfwnewhaven.org) or call (203-443-1643).

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