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    Charles Pickett

      The Tuesday, March 26, 2024 VFW Special Interest Plate Committee Zoom meeting was opened at 6:00 p.m. with Charles Pickett in the chair and as recorder. Eight of 13 committee members were in attendance (Beal, Clauson, Guiliano, Kennedy, Pickett, Rivas, Santana, Stanowski).

      Pickett reported there are 310 subscribers to the mailing list since the Feb. 1, 2024 launch of the market research phase. He said he has spent $210 in Facebook Boosts, sent emails to all post officers listed in the directory in February and March, sent a physical postcard to posts just before their monthly March/April meetings, and the roadshow has visited 30 posts and district meetings surpassing 2,398 miles. VFWCT has supported the committee with one email and a flyer in the February mailing (not March).

      Additionally, Pickett shared the updated Plate Stats (https://vfwnewhaven.org/plate-stats/) and discussed the post percentage metric, including information “blackout” posts (Newtown, Willimantic) and over-performing posts (Brookfield, New Haven, Cheshire, Branford, Avon, Water-Oak, Durham, East Haddam-Moodus, and Higganum-Haddam).

      Pickett reported there seems to be much more enthusiasm for the proposed plates by GWOT veterans than Vietnam veterans.

      Committee Input:

      Kennedy said he will put the VFW Plate material on the VFWCT.org website.

      Stanowski suggested using other social media platforms including X; he also said he mailed all the state officers in the directory in February letting them know of the plate project.

      Beal suggested a Memorial Day Weekend push with a poster and marketing materials for posts with canteens.

      Clauson said suggested promoting to the Norwich Veteran Council and a parade banner/materials; Pickett asked if she could instead flyer at the popular veteran coffee houses in eastern Connecticut and Veteran Rally Point (action item: email PDF).

      There was discussion about the “blackout” and underperforming posts on what we can gather from the post percentage metrics.

      There was a consensus to contact post commanders and tell them the committee will be contacting their members directly about the project.

      There was a consensus there is market demand and the project should continue moving forward.

      Pickett said the late June “drop-off” schedule may be too aggressive and the committee may have to push off the “sales” phase. Failing to deliver 400 viable applications within a 90-day window would be catastrophic to the project.

      Pickett thanked the committee and the meeting ended at 6:35. The next committee meeting will be shortly before the April 22, 2024 Council of Administration meeting.

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